Hepatic Clearance (Well-Stirred Model)

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Formula:CL = (Q * C * E) / V

Introduction to Hepatic Clearance using Well-Stirred Model

Hepatic Clearance (CL) using the Well-Stirred Model is a pharmacokinetic concept used to describe the efficiency of the liver in removing a drug from the blood. The formula calculates hepatic clearance based on the blood flow to the liver (Q), the drug concentration in the blood (C), the drug extraction ratio (E), and the volume of distribution (V).



Data Validation

All parameters should be greater than zero. Extraction ratio should be between 0 and 1.


This calculator provides the hepatic clearance of a drug based on its pharmacokinetic parameters, aiding in understanding its metabolism and potential dosing adjustments.

Tags: Pharmacology, Hepatic Clearance, Well Stirred Model, Pharmacokinetics