Clearance Formula

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Formula:CL = Rate of Elimination / Drug Concentration

Introduction to Clearance Formula

In pharmacology, clearance refers to the volume of plasma from which a substance is completely removed per unit time. The clearance of a drug measures the rate at which the drug is being removed from the body. It is expressed as the volume of fluid from which the drug is completely removed in a given period of time. The formula for clearance is calculated by dividing the rate of elimination of the drug by its concentration in the blood, known as drug concentration.

Parameter usage:


Data validation

The rate of elimination and drug concentration should be greater than zero in order to calculate clearance. The output will be in units of volume per time (e.g., mL/min).


This formula calculates the clearance of a drug based on the rate of elimination and drug concentration in the blood, which is a crucial parameter in pharmacokinetics and drug dosing.

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