Redfield Ratio (Ocean Nutrient Cycling)

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Formula:C:N:P ratio = C/N, P/N

Introduction to Redfield Ratio (Ocean Nutrient Cycling)

The Redfield ratio is a ratio of the major nutrients found in the ocean’s water. It describes the relative quantities of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus and is globally stable across oceanic environments. The formula calculates the C:N and P:N ratios, which are essential for understanding ocean nutrient cycling and primary production. In this formula, C represents the carbon content, N represents the nitrogen content, and P represents the phosphorus content in the water.

Parameter usage:

Example valid values:


Data validation

The numbers should be greater than zero.


This formula helps in understanding the ecological dynamics of ocean ecosystems, especially in relation to primary productivity and nutrient cycling.

Tags: Oceanography, Nutrient Cycling, Redfield Ratio, Marine Science