Isothermal Compressibility

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Formula:β = (1/V) * (∂V/∂P)

Introduction to Isothermal Compressibility

Isothermal compressibility is a measure of how much a substance will decrease in volume when subjected to an increase in pressure, with the temperature held constant. The formula for isothermal compressibility, β, is calculated as the ratio of the relative change in volume to the applied pressure. It is a key parameter in studying the mechanical properties of materials and is widely used in various fields including chemistry, physics, and material science.

Parameter usage:


Data validation

The change in volume, initial volume, and pressure should be greater than zero.


This tool calculates the isothermal compressibility of a substance, providing an important metric for its mechanical behavior when subjected to pressure changes at constant temperature.

Tags: Thermodynamics, Compressibility, Pressure, Volume