Ampère's Law

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Formula:B = μ0 × (I × ΣHi)

Introduction to Ampère's Law

Ampère's Law, named after French physicist André-Marie Ampère, relates the integrated magnetic field around a closed loop to the electric current passing through the loop. Mathematically, it is stated as the integral of magnetic field B around closed loop = μ0 times the electric current I times the summation of magnetic field contributions ΣHi from the wires that penetrate the loop.

Parameter usage:

Example valid values:


Data validation

The current must be greater than zero, as well as the values for the magnetic field contributions.


This function calculates the combined effect of an electric current as it passes through a magnetic field, based on a simplified representation of Ampère's Law. It is not a complete depiction of Ampère's Law, which in reality also involves the path integral around a closed loop.

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