Volume Fraction of Phase in Polycrystalline Material

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Formula:Vv = (phaseArea / totalArea) * 100

Introduction to Volume Fraction Calculator

The volume fraction, often expressed as Vv, of a phase in a polycrystalline material is a ratio that represents the volume of a certain phase (or grain type) within the entire volume of the material. This is calculated from a two-dimensional micrograph by dividing the area occupied by the phase of interest by the total area examined, presuming a uniform distribution through the thickness. The result is expressed in percentage.

Parameter usage:


Data validation

Total area must be greater than zero and phase area must be non-negative and less than or equal to the total area examined.


This calculator is used to determine the volume fraction of a specific phase within a polycrystalline material. It is a key metric in materials science for understanding the properties of multiphase materials.

Tags: Materials Science, Microstructure, Volume Fraction, Phase Analysis