Thermal Conductivity in Geological Materials

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Formula:Q = k * q * (T1 - T2) / d

Introduction to Thermal Conductivity in Geological Materials

The thermal conductivity in geological materials is calculated using the formula Q = k × q × (T1 - T2) / d, where Q represents the heat flow, k is the thermal conductivity, q represents the heat generation, T1 and T2 are the temperatures at the two ends of the material, and d is the thickness of the material. The result represents the amount of heat energy that passes through the material in a specific time period.


Example valid values:


Data validation

The numbers should be greater than zero, and T1 should be greater than T2.


This calculator provides the heat flow through geological materials based on their thermal conductivity, heat generation, and temperature differentials at the ends. It helps in understanding the heat transfer properties of geological materials.

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