Sound Transmission Loss (TL)

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Formula:TL = 10 log₁₀(Pi/Pt)

Introduction to Sound Transmission Loss (TL) Calculator

The sound transmission loss (TL) is a measure of the reduction of sound energy passing through a barrier. The formula for TL is calculated using the logarithmic ratio of the incident sound power (Pi) to the transmitted sound power (Pt). The result is expressed in decibels (dB) and is a measure of how much sound energy is lost as it passes through the barrier.

Parameter usage:


Data validation

The Pi and Pt should be greater than zero. Otherwise, an error message will be returned.


This calculator takes into account the incident and transmitted sound power and outputs the sound transmission loss in decibels. It is essential for understanding the attenuation of sound through barriers such as walls, windows, or insulating materials.

Tags: Acoustics, Sound Transmission, Sound Energy, Decibels