Sludge Viscosity

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Formula:Viscosity (η) = Density (ρ) × Shear Rate (γ)

Introduction to Sludge Viscosity Calculator

The sludge viscosity is a measure of resistance to flow. This formula calculates the sludge viscosity based on the density and shear rate of the sludge. In this formula, η represents the sludge viscosity, ρ is the density of the sludge, and γ is the shear rate. The result is typically expressed in units like Pa·s (Pascal-seconds) or cP (centipoise).

Parameter usage:

Example valid values:

Data validation

The density should be greater than zero and shear rate should be a positive number.


This calculator takes into account the density and shear rate of sludge to determine its viscosity. It can be used in industrial processes and environmental engineering where sludge viscosity plays a crucial role.

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