Nusselt Number Calculation (Heat Transfer)

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Formula:Nu = (fluidVelocity × characteristicLength) / kinematicViscosity

Introduction to Nusselt Number Calculation (Heat Transfer)

The Nusselt number is a dimensionless number used to describe the process of convection heat transfer. It is used to correlate forced, natural, and mixed convection processes. The Nusselt number, Nu, is defined as the ratio of convective to conductive heat transfer across the boundary layer. The formula uses fluidVelocity (velocity of the fluid), characteristicLength (characteristic length of the object), kinematicViscosity (kinematic viscosity of the fluid), and thermalConductivity (thermal conductivity of the fluid).

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Data validation

The numbers should be greater than zero.


This calculator computes the Nusselt number for heat transfer applications, based on the characteristics of the fluid and object in question.

Tags: Heat Transfer, Convection, Nusselt Number, Fluid Dynamics