Milligrams to International Units (IU)

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Formula:IU = mg × 0.67

Introduction to Milligrams to International Units (IU) Converter

The conversion from milligrams (mg) to International Units (IU) varies depending on the specific substance or medication. In general, the conversion is not straightforward and often depends on the bioavailability, potency, and specific conversion factor provided for a particular substance. The formula provided here is a rough approximation based on a commonly used conversion factor.

Parameter usage:

Example valid values:


Data validation

The input value must be greater than zero. It's important to note that this formula provides only a rough approximation and may not be suitable for all substances or medications.


This converter provides an approximate conversion from milligrams to International Units using a commonly used conversion factor of 0.67. However, for specific substances or medications, it's essential to refer to the specific conversion factors provided by authoritative sources.

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