Mendelian Genetics Ratios

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Formula:dominantHom * dominantHom : 2 * dominantHom * heterozygous : heterozygous * heterozygous

Introduction to Mendelian Genetics Ratios

The Mendelian genetics ratios are used to predict the possible genotypes and phenotypes of offspring. The dominant homozygous, heterozygous, and recessive homozygous allele frequencies are represented by dominantHom, heterozygous, and recessiveHomrespectively. The formula calculates the expected ratios of dominant, heterozygous, and recessive combinations as well as the total offspring count.

Parameter usage:


Data validation

The frequencies should be non-negative integers.


This formula predicts the expected frequencies of dominant, heterozygous, and recessive combinations in offspring based on allele frequencies.

Tags: Genetics, Mendelian Genetics, Allele Frequencies, Offspring Ratios