Kadane's Algorithm - Maximum Subarray

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Algorithm Explanation:Kadane's algorithm is used to find the maximum subarray sum in an array. It involves iterating over the array and maintaining the maximum subarray sum ending at the current position and the overall maximum subarray sum found so far.

Introduction to Kadane's Algorithm

Kadane's Algorithm efficiently calculates the largest possible sum of a contiguous subarray within a given one-dimensional array of numbers. The 'Maximum Subarray Problem' is a classic in computer science and is particularly important in the field of financial analysis, where it might be used to determine the best sequence of consecutive days to engage in trading to maximize profit.

Parameter usage:


Data validation

All input parameters should be numbers, and the array must not be empty.


This algorithm iterates over the array only once, giving it a linear time complexity of O(n), making it efficient for even large arrays.

Tags: Algorithms, Dynamic Programming, Array, Optimization