Impedance in AC Circuits

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Formula:Z = √(R² + X²)

Introduction to Impedance in AC Circuits

In alternating current (AC) circuits, impedance is the total opposition that a circuit offers to the flow of current. Impedance consists of resistance and reactance, where resistance is similar to that in direct current (DC) circuits, and reactance is the opposition offered to the flow of AC due to inductance or capacitance.

The formula for calculating the impedance, Z, in an AC circuit is given as √(R² + X²), where R is the resistance and X is the reactance.

Parameter usage:

Example valid values:


Data validation

Both resistance and reactance should be positive numbers.


This calculator computes the impedance in an AC circuit based on the given values of resistance and reactance. It is commonly used in electrical engineering and circuit analysis to understand how components affect the flow of alternating current.

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