Hydraulic Jump Energy Dissipation

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Formula:Fr > 1: E = √Fr

Introduction to Hydraulic Jump Energy Dissipation

The hydraulic jump is a natural rapid energy dissipation process that occurs in open channel flow. The Froude number (Fr) is a dimensionless number used to determine the regime of the flow; when Fr > 1, it indicates supercritical flow and the jump occurs. The energy dissipation can be calculated using the formula E = √Fr, where E is the energy dissipation and Fr is the Froude number. The hydraulic jump phenomenon is important in hydraulic engineering for designing hydraulic structures and controlling flows.

Parameter usage:


Data validation

The Froude number should be greater than 1 for energy dissipation to occur.


This formula calculates the energy dissipation in a hydraulic jump based on the Froude number of the flow. It is important for assessing and designing hydraulic structures and controlling open channel flows.

Tags: Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulics, Energy Dissipation, Froude Number, Open Channel Flow