Heat Transfer by Conduction

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Formula: q = k * A * (dT / dx)

The heat transfer through conduction across a homogeneous material can be calculated using Fourier's law of heat conduction. The formula is q = k * A * (dT / dx), where q is the heat transfer rate (W), k is the thermal conductivity of the material (W/m.K), A is the cross-sectional area through which heat is conducted (m²), dT is the temperature difference across the material (K), and dx is the thickness of the material (m). The result indicates how much heat will flow per unit of time.

In practical applications, this formula can be used in engineering to calculate the heat loss or gain through materials, which is critical in designing thermal insulation systems or assessing the effectiveness of heating or cooling solutions.

Tags: Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Conduction, Fourier S Law