HPLC Retention Time

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Formula:RT = tR - tM

Introduction to HPLC Retention Time

The retention time (RT) in high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is the time taken for a particular analyte to pass through the chromatographic column and reach the detector. The retention time is typically calculated by subtracting the void time (tM) from the elution time (tR). In this formula, RT represents the retention time, tR is the elution time, and tM is the void time. The result is usually expressed in time units, such as seconds or minutes.

Parameter usage:


Data validation:

The elution time (tR) should be greater than the void time (tM).


This calculator calculates the retention time in HPLC based on the elution time and void time. It is a crucial parameter in chromatography for separating and analyzing compounds in a mixture.

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