HAS-BLED Score for Bleeding Risk

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Formula: The HAS-BLED score is calculated by summing the points for each of the following risk factors: Hypertension (1 point), Abnormal renal/liver function (1-2 points), Stroke (1 point), Bleeding (1 point), Labile INRs (1 point), Elderly (>65 years, 1 point), Drugs/Alcohol concomitantly (1-2 points).

The HAS-BLED score is used to estimate the risk of major bleeding for patients with atrial fibrillation who are on anticoagulation therapy. Each risk factor is assigned a score, and the total score predicts the one-year risk of major bleeding. Scores range from 0 to 9, with a score ≥3 indicating a high risk. The score assists clinicians in making informed decisions about anticoagulation. It is crucial to interpret the score in the context of the patient's overall clinical situation.

Tags: BLED, Bleeding Risk, Anticoagulation, Atrial Fibrillation