Forward Pass in CPM

Output: Press calculate

Formula:EarliestStartTime = ForwardPass(...duration)

Introduction to Forward Pass Calculator

The forward pass in the Critical Path Method (CPM) refers to the process of determining the earliest start and finish times for each activity within a project schedule network diagram. During the forward pass, you add the duration of activities along each path from start to completion. This JavaScript function takes a series of activity durations as input and calculates the total duration by summing them up, which represents the earliest finish time of the last activity on a path.

Parameter usage:


Data validation

All durations must be numbers greater than or equal to 0 and less than or equal to 1000. Otherwise, an error message will be provided for each parameter outside of the expected range.


The calculator is an implementation of part of the Forward Pass in CPM, aimed at finding the earliest start and finish times of activities in a project management scenario. The activities' durations should be provided in sequence.

Tags: Project Management, CPM, Forward Pass, Scheduling