Fick's Law of Diffusion

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Formula:J = -D(A/L)dC/dx

Introduction to Fick's Law of Diffusion

Fick's law of diffusion describes the process of diffusion through a stationary medium, such as a fluid or a solid matrix. The formula represents the steady state one-dimensional diffusion of a solute in a medium. It calculates the flux of the solute across a unit area per unit time. In this formula, J represents the flux, D is the diffusion coefficient, A is the surface area through which diffusion is taking place, L is the distance over which diffusion is occurring, and dC/dx is the concentration gradient.

Parameter usage:


Data validation

The diffusion coefficient, surface area, and concentration gradient should be greater than zero.


This calculator allows for the determination of the flux of solute across a unit area per unit time in a medium due to diffusion.

Tags: Chemistry, Physics, Diffusion, Flux