Euler Number in Fluid Mechanics

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Formula:Re = ρvd/μ

Introduction to Euler Number in Fluid Mechanics

The Euler Number (Re) in fluid mechanics is a dimensionless quantity that represents the ratio of inertial forces to viscous forces within a fluid flow. It plays a crucial role in determining the flow regime of a fluid.

The formula for calculating the Euler Number is given by: Re = ρvd/μ, where Re is the Euler Number, ρ is the fluid density, v is the fluid velocity, d is the characteristic length, and μ is the kinematic viscosity of the fluid.

Parameter usage:


Data validation

The inputs for velocity, characteristic length, and kinematic viscosity should be positive numbers.


This formula enables the calculation of the Euler Number, which provides critical insights into the flow characteristics of a fluid in various engineering applications, such as pipe flow, aerodynamics, and heat transfer.

Tags: Fluid Mechanics, Euler Number, Dimensionless Quantity, Viscous Forces