Electron-volts to Volts

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Formula:V = energyInEv × 1.602176634 × 10^-19

Introduction to Electron-volts to Volts Conversion

The conversion of energy from electron-volts to volts is calculated according to the relationship E = qV, where E is the energy in joules, q is the elementary charge (1.602176634 × 10^-19 C), and V is the potential difference in volts. In this formula, energyInEv represents the energy in electron-volts, and the result represents the equivalent energy in volts. This conversion is commonly used in quantum mechanics, semiconductor physics, and atomic physics.

Parameter usage:

Example valid values:


Data validation

The energy in electron-volts should be a non-negative value.


This converter allows for the precise conversion of energy units from electron-volts to volts and is widely used in various branches of physics and engineering.

Tags: Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Energy Conversion, Semiconductor Physics, Atomic Physics