Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient Calculation

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Formula: Q = h × A × ΔT

The formula for calculating the rate of heat transfer by convection can be expressed as Q = h × A × ΔT, where Q represents the heat transfer per unit time (in watts), h is the convective heat transfer coefficient (in W/(m²*K)), A is the surface area through which heat is being transferred (in m²), and ΔT is the temperature difference between the surface and the bulk fluid (in K).

This formula is widely used in engineering to determine the rate at which heat is transferred from a solid surface to a fluid or from a fluid to a fluid. The convective heat transfer coefficient, h, is influenced by various factors such as the type of fluid, the velocity of the fluid, and the properties of the surface. Practical applications include designing heating and cooling systems, calculating heat losses in buildings, and determining heat exchanger performance.

Tags: Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Convection