Biuret Test (Protein Concentration)

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Formula:Protein concentration = Absorbance / Concentration

Introduction to Biuret Test (Protein Concentration)

The Biuret test is a biochemical test for the presence of proteins. It involves the addition of a copper sulfate solution to the protein solution, followed by the addition of a strong alkali such as sodium hydroxide. The resulting color change indicates the presence of peptide bonds, which are characteristic of proteins. The test can be used to estimate the concentration of proteins in a solution based on the absorbance of light at a specific wavelength. The formula for calculating protein concentration using absorbance and dilution is given by C = A / d, where C is the protein concentration, A is the absorbance, and d is the dilution of the sample.

Parameter usage:


Data validation

The absorbance and concentration should be positive numbers.


This calculator computes the concentration of proteins in a solution based on the absorbance and dilution of the sample, providing valuable information for biochemical and analytical applications.

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