Adiabatic Bulk Modulus

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Formula:B = pressure × gamma

Introduction to Adiabatic Bulk Modulus Calculator

The Adiabatic Bulk Modulus is a measure of a fluid's resistance to compression under adiabatic conditions. It is defined as the product of the fluid's pressure and its heat capacity ratio (gamma). In this formula, B represents the Adiabatic Bulk Modulus, pressure is the absolute pressure of the fluid, and gamma is the heat capacity ratio (Cp/Cv), which is greater than one. The result is expressed in the same units as the pressure.

Parameter usage:

Example valid values:


Data validation

Pressure must be greater than zero and Gamma must be greater than one to ensure the validity of calculations.


This calculator provides a quick method to estimate the adiabatic bulk modulus for a given set of conditions. It is particularly useful in the fields of fluid dynamics and thermodynamics.

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